Gratitude Notes Worksheet


Being distracted is one of the leading cause of setbacks towards our long-term goals. This is especially true if you’re constantly procrastinating on extraneous tasks and not focus on your productive tasks.

This worksheet is separated in 30 minutes interval and allows you to label every interval as being “entertainment”, “educational”, or something you wan to “eliminate”

You’ll be surprise how much of your time is wasted on fantasy, online “research”, and social media.

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Gratitude Notes Worksheet

Having gratitude in your life sets realistic expectations. There many accomplishments you have during the day, but yet if you only focus negative ones, you will think you’re a failure. In reality, it’s the littlest accomplishments that matters.

Do you avoid using social media today? That’s also an accomplishment!

By practicing gratitude, you also practicing the art of awareness and being in the present.

This is key to happiness and letting go of your addiction.

This is a digital download and ready to print (not a physical product).

Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (US paper size)
Format: 3 PDF

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