How To Quit Porn Addiction

New 28-Day "Quit Porn Challenge" where we gamify the process of quitting porn with AI!

How to Quit Porn - New Year Resolution

Are You Addicted To Porn?

Porn addiction can harm your well-being that you’re unaware of…

Is being addicted to porn affecting areas of your work, school, relationship, or just getting in the way of obtaining peace of mind as a struggle?

Do you consume porn as a form of escapism to avoid other beneficial things in your life?

The underlying pattern is that you have a strong unhealthy attachment that can distract important areas of your life.

You know the habit of watching porn becomes a major distraction when you are losing your time and money!

If you’re addicted to online pornography, consider the following:

  • When a supposed 5 minute instant-pleasure “scrolling” break turns into 5 hours of empty lust…
  • When you spend too much time and money searching for that “perfect” scene or video…
  • When you waste your time ridding your computer of viruses form porn sites…
  • When you’re living a double-life trying to blend fantasy with your reality…
  • When watching too much porn cause you to lose time trying to restore and heal your sexual desire…
  • When you feel empty, ashamed, guilty, or a sense of shocking disbelief at what you’ve just watched…but you then continue to watch again…and again…and again…
  • When you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in a divorce settlement as a result of your addictive porn viewing habit — and if you’re not married yet, it might catch up to you someday!

Can you relate to some of those above? You’re not alone — millions of guys can!

Let’s hope you don’t learn your lessons the hard way like others in this growing epidemic sweeping the nation. More guys are addicted to porn than ever before.

Even if you have not yet wasted money being consumed by such materials, you know you’ve wasted precious time!

Think of all of the missed life opportunities that you ought to reclaim for yourself and loved ones.

Being addicted to porn in the modern day with the Internet is totally different from the backdoor alley of VHS porn of previous generations. With a mobile phone right at our finger tips, it’s like having 24/7 availability.

On top of that, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to make those type of porn addiction worse by blurring the line between fantasy and reality (i.e AI girlfriend, AI generated porn, etc).

Deep inside, many guys know that if they don't stop watching porn they’ll experience harmful effects at a later stage of life...don't let this happen to you...

Many guys these days are just looking for realistic strategies and practical methods on how to overcome their compulsion and developing a healthy sexual attitude in its place.

But aren’t ALL guys the same – they can’t change, right? Wrong.

You just need help breaking the cycle.

Why Quit Porn?

Benefits of Breaking Free From Porn

  • More realistic expectation of people in a healthy loving relationship
  • No longer falsely comparing actors/actresses in porn movies to real-life situations
  • Admire the physical beauty of a man/woman from an emotional and intellectual level
  • Pursue a potential relationship from an act of inspiration rather than an act of desperation
  • Shift the focus from lust towards striving to improve a healthy loving and intimate relationship, career, and health
  • Become less self-center in terms of acquiring your form of instant gratification
  • Release a roadblock that was preventing you in pursuing your long-term goals and dreams

Introducing Our Quit Porn Challenge

28-Day Challenge (online + offline hybrid)

The Quit Porn Challenge provides a clear roadmap to help you overcome porn addiction through actual handwritten journaling (printable) and being guided in our DAILY 28-day online video course.

Daily Video Content + Inner Reboot Journal = Quit Porn Challenge

It is a hands-on approach to get you to  the core of your root issues and work with you daily to “rewire, reboot, and rejuvenate” your mindset.

We created this new challenge to help you quit porn in an engaging and entertaining way.

Simply put, we have GAMIFY the process of quitting porn into a “Quit Porn Challenge” — where you can receive rewards/discounts just by going through the challenge.
You can even go through the challenge multiple times if you want.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or afraid you might relapse in the challenge, we are here guide you to victory. 

The challenge is made for males or females, single or married, straight or gay, old or young, religious or secular people, on how to stop watching porn.

We cut to chase, no fluff, no preaching — just concise, action-oriented approach to quit porn.

Our challenge puts heavy emphasis on daily writing in your printable “28-Day Inner Reboot Journal”
Everyday you will go through the video course and be motivated to write in your journal right before you go to bed.

Each week is a different phase that will revolve around different themes

  1. Awareness – to identify root causes and fight this inner battle
  2. Intention – to set the intention that recovery is happening now
  3. Gratitude – to overcome the shame you had from years of consuming porn
  4. Transformation – to set the path forward after your first 28 days with a rewired and renewed mindset
After the initial 28 days, you can either say “bye bye” to being addicted to porn or even go through the challenge multiple times to create your own “90 Day No Porn” challenge by watching our other personal growth video courses.

How is the Quit Porn Challenge “Inner Reboot Journal” structured?

Our priority is to help many people built a foundation and transform their self-image to in just 28 days!

  1. Begin with your “Why” for quitting porn
  2. A quit porn tracker sheet can be found in the beginning of the journal that you will check daily
  3. There’s a section to write your daily reflection in a free-form format
  4. A relapse section is included everyday in case you slipped
  5. Weekly Reflection with new set of questions every week to analyze your progress
  6. Visually engaging worksheets to help rewire your brain in a healthy manner

The key here is to focus on your goals, not what you want to avoid.

In fact, the words “porn”, “masturbation” are not use in this journal. We might refer to them as “P” or “P/M/O” once in awhile.

Along with a digital library and on-demand video courses to help transform your life, you also get FREE 24/7 access to our virtual Artificial Intelligence (AI) porn addiction recovery coach.

Why Challenge + Journaling?

There are not much self-guided “brain porn rewiring” journals made specifically for porn addicts. There are, however, a lot of quit porn apps, books, and coaching programs out there. One thing those programs have is common they recommend journaling as a tool.

The quit porn challenge is based on a specialized journal to help porn addicts with self-guided prompts to rewire and reboot the “addicted brain.”

Not only that, it includes thought-provoking prompts/quotes to encourage reflection of your porn viewing habits while bringing mindfulness to your recovery journey.

Just writing in our journal 5 to 10 minutes before your bed time is all you need.

Even if you relapsed, failing forward with compassion is part of your recovery plan. Thus, this is where our journaling tool becomes effective for quitting porn — we relapse forward with a new mindset!

Benefits of this unique journal

  • Introspective approach to examine your recurring habits
  • Workbook exercises to help rewire your brain towards increased confidence
  • Daily journaling and weekly reflections to keep you on track
  • A relapse worksheet to help analyze your behavior
  • A sense of liberation from your PMO addiction after completion
  • Happiness from within


Bonus #1: Porn Addiction Recovery AI Coach

Get FREE access to our powerful Porn Recovery AI Coach Chatbot fully trained on porn addiction recovery resources. It’s like having a virtual 1-on-1 accountability coach 24/7 to provide guidance on porn addiction at any time (even at 2am).

Bonus #2: Personal Growth Video Courses

Along with our flagship “Quit Porn Challenge” video course, you get FULL access to 10+ personal growth video courses. These are carefully hand-selected videos in the areas of handling stress, breaking bad habits, forgiveness, abundance mindset, phone addiction recovery, and more!

Bonus #3: Personal Growth Digital Library

Our growing digital library include porn addiction recovery and personal development books to help manage your mindset for transformative growth.

Bonus #4: Mastering Your Mindset Journal

Utilize this 30-day self-guided journal prompt to get a jump start on your mastering your mindset. This journal extends beyond addiction and will assist you in making plans in various areas of your life.

Bonus #5: Using Feng Shui to Overcome Porn Addiction

Get the EXCLUSIVE “Using Feng Shui To Overcome Porn Addiction” report (1,330+ words) and the “Feng Shui For Your Home in 21 Days” (34 pages) journal. You will not find this report anywhere online as we created it just for this website!

Bonus #6: Worksheets/Templates Bundle

All of our printable worksheets are made to help you change your habits and mindset. These include our Quit Porn Tracker, Time Awareness Worksheets, Future Vision Worksheet, Gratitude Notes, and more.ᅠ

Bonus #6: Discord/Online Community

We offer a private online community for more accountability and interact with other challengers! This is NOT Facebook where your  parents, or others could join and see your name. This is an invite-only Discord community meant to challenge each other.

  • Quit Porn Challenge (flagship course) $700 value
  • Porn Addiction Recovery AI Coach $500 value
  • Personal Growth Video Courses $300 value
  • Personal Growth Digital Library $150 Value
  • Mastering Your Mindset (Journal) $50 value
  • Using Feng Shui to Overcome Porn Addiction $50 value
  • Worksheets/Templates Bundle $20 value
  • Discord/Online Community PRICELESS



Even charging $997 or a $97/mo subscription is a fair price for this challenge

  • If you couldn’t afford to quit porn, now there’s no excuse as we have made it affordable at a $1 5-day trial.
  • If you have wasted years watching mindless porn, then using our journal in the challenge will rewire your mindset towards your recovery.
  • If it even motivates you to further seek counseling or a professional therapist, then that’s also great.
  • If it even helps you be closer to your belief or spiritual path, then that’s also the ultimate goal.

It’s an excuse to prolong your destructive habit in thinking “I’ll quit porn or stop when…” 

If not NOW, then when? 

Chances are, you’ll still be carrying the habit to another stage in your life unless you take conscious effort to change. In fact, it will cost you more (time/money), if you do not quit starting now.

Do not let a great fulfilling life pass you by just because you didn’t invest today.

You will be charged only $1 to try out our challenge for 5 days. After the trial period ends, you will only be charge an additional one-time cost of $99.

We want you to be satisfied with the program and results. If you do even feel any progress AT ALL after going through our challenge and writing in your journal every night for 28 days, then we will refund your the purchase within 30-days. If there are issues with accessing the materials, we will gladly help you out.

ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any product or service. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by in the materials on this Web page.


It takes an average of 21 days to change a specific habit. Further, it takes a few months to adapt to a new lifestyle change to be part of your life and identity. A holistic approach and total transformation will take a year or so. 

However, the time will pass by anyhow — in a year, will you be a renewed person or the same person stuck in an endless cycle of watching porn? Our journal was carefully created with prompts to help with habit changes and lifestyle transformation. Everything is a constant motion and process — and it’s up to you to make that progress!


The challenge is only $1 for 5 days where certain video challenges will be locked until the trial  period is over. After the trial period ends, you will only be charge a one-time cost of $99. There is no monthly subscription. We believe this is cheaper than offering you a $997 program out of the gate.

Our focus is just helping you get rid of this addiction without religious overtones or over promising improvements in other areas of your life.

While certain activities will indeed improve your overall well-being,  the benefits are mainly indirect as a result of old habits that you let go.

Simply put, letting go of your addictive porn habit helps to release a major roadblock in life. Whatever path you choose afterwards — improving relationship, health, and wealth will be decisions you have to make constantly.

Quitting should be simple — not complicated. We do not focus just tactics but more on mindset training and rewiring.

We’re not asking you to take daily cold showers and do 100 push ups afterwards. We’re not asking you to climb mountains every morning. You may have done all of those and went back to watching porn again every night.

All we’re asking from you is to spend just a few minutes going through the daily challenge and then 5 to 10 minutes writing in the “Inner Reboot Journal” every night for 28 days to rewrite your thought patterns. Simple as that.

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