How To Quit Porn Addiction in 21 Days

Actionable and comprehensive recovery journal to quit porn.

Introducing the latest self-guided writing journal to overcome porn addiction — Reboot21. Our “how to quit porn addiction” recovery journal is made for males or females, single or married, straight or gay, old or young, religious or secular people, on how to stop watching porn.

We cut to chase, no fluff — just concise, action-oriented approach to quit porn.

Being Addicted To Porn Is Harmful

Are you addicted to porn or know someone who is? Break the chain!

Is being addicted to porn/masturbating/orgasm affecting areas of your work, school, getting a real date, relationship, or just plain getting in the way of obtaining peace of mind as a struggle?

Do you substitute online porn for other beneficial things in your life?

Whether the issue of porn addiction is seen as the effect of a real drug addiction or an unwanted compulsion where porn is the medium — the underlying pattern is you have a strong unhealthy “attachment,” which can distract important areas of your life.

It's a major distraction when you are losing your time and money!

If you’re addicted to watching porn/masturbating, consider the following:

  • When that 5 minute instant-pleasure break from work turns into 5 hours of private browser tabs…
  • When you spend too much time/money searching for more file-sharing sites, video clips, or becoming a “FAN”
  • When you spend hours scrolling on social media to get that low-level dopamine entertainment fixed…
  • When you waste your time trying to rid your computer of viruses/malwares just to watch that “FREE” video…
  • When you’re living a double-life trying to blend taboo fantasy with your reality…
  • When watching too much porn cause you to lose time trying to restore and heal your sexual desire…
  • When you feel empty, ashamed, guilty, or a sense of shocking disbelief at what you’ve just watched…but you then continue to watch again…and again…and again…

Can you relate to some of those above? You’re not alone — millions in this generation are getting more addicted!

Even if you have not yet wasted money, the consequences of wasting precious time will catch up to you soon.

Think of all of the missed life opportunities that you ought to reclaim for yourself and loved ones.

Being addicted to porn in the modern day with the Internet is totally different from the backdoor alley of VHS porn of previous generations. With the instant availablity of our mobile phone/tablet, it’s like carrying your source of addiction 24/7.

Watching porn can shape an objectifying perception towards women, rewiring the brain’s neurochemistry, and causing you to suffer more emotional problems.

Deep inside, many of us know that if you don't stop watching porn you'll experience harmful effects at a later stage in life...don't let this happen to you...

But you know sometimes, people may not know you’re an addict…or need help…

You can’t really tell who’s a porn addict these days…it’s not an external substance (drugs and alcohol) you consume…

What are the traits of the typical addicted porn watchers? There are people who watch it casually and are not addicted to it. And then there are those who are unable to control themselves from not watching it. Can you really tell who’s addicted or not from the outside?

On the outside someone may seem normal, bright, and intelligent, but when it comes to certain coping mechanism, that person may find it difficult to control the urge to watch porn and regularly masturbate to it for hours. Instead, that person could’ve taken the time to find the root causes for having the urge to watch such thing.

Many people even know it’s a problem, but are silently addicted, hiding this habit, and are not seeking help due to the “sex is bad” stigma…

People in this generation just want realistic strategies and practical methods on how to overcome their compulsion and developing a healthy sexual attitude in its place.

This can become a challenge in modern society as we are bombarded by the heavy sexualized entertainment media, “softcore” social media feeds, instant hookup apps/dating sites, and a culture of sexual innuendo. 

Thus, we are living in an age with the technology to be over simulated by all kind of outlets to cope with a problem in an unhealthy way.

Is there hope for you? Can you still change?

All guys/gals are the same – they can't change a habit, right? Wrong. You have the ability to succeed at changing your habits. You just need help breaking that chain!

Everyone has the potential to change to become a better person. Yes, watching too much porn can seem to numb the true romantic potential and the real “attraction” of a person, but you have the power to change that.

All of us have a built-in mechanism to progress and succeed passionately.

There are people out there who rather learn to develop a real loving, committed, and intimate connection from the inside-out instead. They know that amount of time spent using porn could’ve been use constructively to resolve areas of their life that need improvements.

There’s ALWAYS hope and the person can ALWAYS change…

Benefits Of Breaking Free From Porn

  • More realistic expectation of people in a healthy loving relationship
  • No longer falsely comparing actors/actresses in porn movies to real-life situations
  • Admire the physical beauty of a man/woman from an emotional and intellectual level
  • Pursue a potential relationship from an act of inspiration rather than an act of desperation
  • Shift the focus from lust towards striving to improve a healthy loving and intimate relationship, career, and health
  • Become less self-center in terms of acquiring your form of instant gratification
  • Release a roadblock that was preventing you in pursuing your long-term goals and dreams

Digital Journal + Bonuses

Book Formats

Why Our (printable) Journal?

There are not much self-guided recovery journals made specifically for porn addicts. There are, however, a lot of quit porn apps, books, and coaching programs out there. One thing those programs have is common they recommend journaling as a tool.

At HTQP, we’ve a created a specialized journal to help porn addicts with self-guided prompts to rewire and reboot the “addicted brain.”

Not only that, it includes thought-provoking prompts/quotes to encourage reflection of your porn viewing habits while bringing mindfulness to your recovery journey.

Just writing in our journal 10 to 20 minutes before your bed time is all you need.

Even if you relapsed, failing forward with compassion is part of your recovery plan. Thus, this is where our journaling tool becomes effective for quitting porn — we relapse forward with a new mindset!

You can print as many copies as you like to write on. We actually prefer that you print them out to write on as the act of writing ideas down has a bigger impact than just typing things out.

Instant Access

$102.75 $ 39 95
No Recurring Fees
  • Printable Journal (PDF download)
  • Access to bonus products
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. No Risk!


Worksheets Bundle

All of our printable worksheets are made to help you manage your habits and mindset. These include our Quit Porn Tracker, Time Awareness Worksheets, Future Vision Worksheet, Gratitude Notes, and more. 

Positive Affirmation Flashcards for Porn Addiction Recovery

We’ve created positive affirmation flashcards made just for those who want to really quit porn. None of the cards use the words “porn” and “masturbation” In addtion, we avoid negative terms like “NOT” or “BUT” There are 30 cards in the flashcard deck. Digital PDF (easy to print).

Mastering Your Mindset (30-Day Journaling)

Utilize this 30-day self-guided journal prompt to get a jump start on your mastering your mindset. This journal extends beyond addiction and will assist you in making plans in various areas of your life. Straight forward and simple to use.  PDF download (easy to print) 

Using Feng Shui to Overcome Porn Addiction

Get the EXCLUSIVE “Using Feng Shui To Overcome Porn Addiction” report (1,330+ words) and the “Feng Shui For Your Home in 21 Days” (34 pages) journal. Both are digital downloads. You will not find this report anywhere on the Internet!

The Reboot21 Program

Our bonus offers are included when you purchase our flagship "Reboot 21 Journal". The bonuses are worth hundreds of dollars if you buy all of them separately.

Instant Access

$102.75 $ 39 95
No Recurring Fees
  • Printable Journal (PDF download)
  • Access to bonus products
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. No Risk!

What’s our goal with this program?

  • If you have wasted years watching mindless porn and if using our journal has been a lifesaver towards your recovery, then that’s the ultimate goal.
  • If it even motivates you to further seek counseling, a professional therapist, support group, or coaching where you would’ve not done so in the past years (or decades), then that’s excellent.
  • If it even helps you be closer to your belief or spiritual path, that’s also great!

It’s a myth to think “I’ll quit or stop when…” Chances are, you’ll still be carrying the habit to another stage in your life unless you take conscious effort to change. Life is already passing you by. Start today!

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